Shipyard is our business

Our goal is to provide experienced shipyard workers to smaller and bigger projects.
We currently work in Finland and are open for work abroad. 

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Waldo's service - Specialization

We’re working in an multicultural environment, the main languages are English and Finnish.

Cables, wiring and optical fibres

Technical tasks of marine electrical installations. Cable pulling, Roxtec sealing solution for cables and pipes. Mounting of electrical equipment.


Installation of thermal insulation.

cleaning service

Cleaning services in construction and marine industry.


Welding following strict rules and safety regulations.

welcome to waldo's service Oy

Founded in 2021

A happy and well organized shipyard is a key to success. We have been working with various projects in the marine industry since 2015 with other companies.

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Costa Smeralda

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Our Expert Team

Waldo - Walid Tarchouni

CEO - Waldo's Service Oy
+358 45 8905377
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Jonny Raninen

Board member - Waldo's Service Oy
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